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My career has taken me across continents and brands, allowing me to excel in Brand Marketing by creating impact and solutions on a global level as well as for smaller, diverse markets that require extra care and careful budgeting. This experience helped me collect keen knowledge and insights in strategic planning for long-term growth regardless of whether it is a B2C, B2B, or SaaS brand.

I believe it is essential to be able to anticipate and adapt to diverse market needs, digital and offline strategies, customers and sales environments. That means, sustaining a subtle, commercial balance between subsidizing passion and driving profit.

My drive comes from working hands-on; From having a deep understanding of how to design and reach exact brand positioning and a bulls-eye customer, to setting up marketing roadmaps that create engagement and impact.

There is an intentional or at least instinct-driven motivation throughout my career. Setting up and guiding new brands to explore different touchpoints with an opportunity to engage, earn trust, inspire and build brand loyalty. Each new brand had varying complexities and requirements, but with fundamentally important integrated messaging, they were able to break into the market and thrive. 

As a manager, my goal is to grow a talented, focused and motivated group that is ready to perform, to change the status quo and to succeed. I collaborate with teams to fill gaps and provide additional bench strength as well as train and mentor new marketeers.


A passion for marketing, innovation and all things media.

Being enthusiastic, curious and imaginative.

Being approachable and empathetic.

Independent but experienced to know when to use own judgment and when to seek advice.

Teamwork mentality, ability to multi-task in a fast-paced environment.

To be a mentor and a motivator – but able to strike a right balance between getting people to think for themselves, and knowing they are supported during the decision-making process

Excellence in presentation skills and experience with leading group sessions.

Being a strong communicator, in person and in writing.


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