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Dept Agency: Get to know me

If it doesn't answer the "so what?" question, it is not worth doing.

If there is no motivational value to the user/customer/visitor, then it is just a lot of hot air and sparkly lights. A waste of time. 

That is the rule I go by.


I love this job posting. Not because it is a perfect match, nor is this an elaborate suck-up. 

I just simply love seeing an agency that really gets it. So many don't. Strategy is not just 'marketing magic' and dancing monkeys. It is knowledge and emotions and ideas all put together in a way that identifies a need and then answers it. This job description nailed it.

Why you would like me:

I am a strategist. My experience with global brands and agencies has built up a broad and keen knowledge that lets me take a step back, see the whole picture, and then make decisions. 

I am continuously looking for opportunities to innovate, create and expand, as well as debate any ideas. A sense of humour comes with the package.

I love sinking my teeth into a project and not letting go until it all comes together. I think about it while I walk my dog, drive, or scroll. I let the ideas cook until I hear a 'ding' and all the dots seem to connect and it feels right. 

I work really well with people that are great at what they do. Throw me in a group of introverts or niche-creatives, or even needy clients, and I can bring out the best in them.

To get to know a business, first I follow the people. Then, I follow the money. Not the other way around. Super important.

I feel equally comfortable with big consumer brands as I do with b2b brands, but start-ups will always have my heart.


I have a favourite quote: "Be hard on ideas, be gentle on people". (not framed on a wall).

What we would need to talk about:

I am a freelancer based out of Maastricht (and happily staying).

I can dedicate 20 hours a week to any projects you need me on, and stop by the office when required.

Really comfortable working with any software setups, but I always sway towards Notion, Figma and Pitch.

I am a native English speaker with additional 5 languages but Dutch is a real struggle.

My love for random facts and off-topic conversations.

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