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As my career progressed, a red thread emerged that united all of the experiences. It seems that setting up new brands to enter the market regardless of the company size, was the connection between all of them. Here is a quick overview of the highlights.

Marketing strategy for a 3D design platform

  • Working with Vectary is a deep dive into 3D design and AR ready for the metaverse, as well as an opportunity to collaborate with other software giants.

  • Growth strategy through a detailed understanding of user groups, flows and goals.

  • Develop and sustain an agile content strategy for all communication touchpoints - website, social, video, advertising.

  • Set up processes, roles and workflow for a fully remote team.

  • Prepare for the funding rounds - data, strategy, roadmap.

Project Name - 2021-01-24T223421.png
vectary figma hero 4K 3.png
vectary vision header.jpg

Brand and marketing strategy for a start-up

  • An accelerated transformation from a successful product into a successful brand.

  • Setting up a complete brand strategy and guidelines for AMT PostPro that would be incorporated into all existing and new marketing content and campaigns.

  • Strategy and hands-on content production were completed within six months while working with remote teams in the US, EU and APAC.

  • Relationship building with top industry media.

shoesnt - Copy.JPG

Newcomer and a trailblazer in an established market

  • New performance fabric with a b2b transaction, but with a b2c marketing approach towards the sports, fashion and luxury brands. In-depth understanding of the outdoor industry.

  • Within the first 2 years, The Dyneema Project captured a double-digit percentage of the PR share of voice, competing with long-established and successful brands. It gathered the highest social media following and engagement within the DSM organization.

  • A great example of creating impact with unique and quality content, instead of large media budget spending and PR strategy.

  • Deep dive into customer personas, trends and influencers worldwide.


Rebuilding a brand in a challenging economy

  • Repositioning a cost-driven Reebok brand, into a high-performing, quality offer to rival the top two players in the market. 

  • Regional responsibilities managing remote teams, and all communication initiatives (ATL and BTL), in various languages.

  • Development of unique local content while respecting HQ brand guidelines.

  • Direct support to the Sales teams and key accounts within South-East Europe during the GTM periods, wither in presentations or co-branded programs.

  • In-depth understanding of planning for own retail, as well as various POS challenges for multi-brand wholesale environments.


Growth of a new category within a top global brand

  • Establishing adidas Originals on all digital platforms, while collaborating with various departments to develop a completely new brand identity and tone of voice.

  • Entrepreneurial approach to creating unique digital experiences and elevating the online presence of the brand through global initiatives, influencers and creatives. Ex: first Facebook page setup, first fully online global competition and fist local large-scale consumer event.

  • Campaign presentations and buy-in from all regional markets. In-depth understanding of APAC, EMEA and AMAC customer drivers.

  • Set up the first online product catalogue, as well as the highest traffic for a global digital campaign.

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